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Identification of Shear Zones and Their Causal Mechanisms Using a Combination of Cone Penetration Tests and Seismic Data in the Eastern Niger Delta ArchiMer
Garziglia, Sebastien; Sultan, Nabil; Cattaneo, Antonio; Ker, Stephan; Marsset, Bruno; Riboulot, Vincent; Voisset, Michel; Adamy, J.; Unterseh,.
In a site investigation of the eastern part of the offshore Niger delta, cone penetration tests (CPTU) showed significant drops in tip resistance, associated with decreases in sleeve friction and induced excess pore pressures at the interface between superficial sediments and the underlying deposits of a mass-transport complex (MTC) called NG1. Such signature characteristics of weakened zones are clearly expressed at three sites where the drop in tip resistance reaches more than 40% over 2-3 m-thick intervals. Correlations between CPTU profiles and both 3D and ultrahigh-resolution 2D seismic data suggest that the weakened zones surround syndepositional the within the frontal part of NG1. Hence, weakening appears associated with the remobilization of thrust...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Cone penetration tests; Shear zone; 3D seismic data; Ultrahigh-resolution 2D seismic; Mass-transport complex; Slope stability.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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