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Disentangling the Mesoscale Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions ArchiMer
Renault, L.; Masson, S.; Oerder, V.; Jullien, Swen; Colas, François.
In the past decades, the use of scatterometer data allowed to demonstrate the global ubiquity of the Ocean Mesoscale Thermal FeedBack (TFB) and Current FeedBack (CFB) effects on surface winds and stress. Understanding these air‐sea interactions is of uttermost importance as the induced atmospheric anomalies partly control the ocean circulation, and, thus, can influence the Earth Climate. Whether the TFB and CFB effects can be disentangled, and whether satellite scatterometers can properly reveal them, remain rather unclear. Here, using satellite observations and ocean‐atmosphere coupled mesoscale simulations over 45° S‐45° N, we show that the CFB effect can be properly characterized and unraveled from that due to the TFB. We demonstrate that the TFB can be...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mesoscale-air-sea-interactions; Current feedback; Thermal feedback; Scatterometters; Coupling coefficients; Coupled models.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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