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Post-rift evolution of the Gulf of Lion margin tested by stratigraphic modelling ArchiMer
Leroux, Estelle; Rabineau, Marina; Aslanian, Daniel; Gorini, Christian; Bache, Francois; Moulin, Maryline; Pellen, Romain; Granjeon, Didier; Rubino, Jean-loup.
The sedimentary architecture of basins and passive margins is determined by a complex interaction of parameters, including subsidence, eustasy, and sediment supply. A quantification of the post-rift (20 Ma-0 Ma) vertical movements of the Gulf of Lion (West Mediterranean) is proposed here based on the stratigraphic study of sedimentary paleomarkers using a large 3D grid of reflection seismic data, correlations with existing drillings, and refraction data. Post-rift subsidence was measured by the direct use of sedimentary geometries analysed in 3D and validated by numerical stratigraphic modelling. Three domains of subsidence were found: on the continental shelf and slope, subsidence corresponds to a seaward tilting with different amplitudes, whereas the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Modélisations stratigraphiques; Stratigraphie sismique; Golfe du Lion; Post-Rift subsidence; Crise de salinité messinienne; Processus profonds et superficiels; Stratigraphic modelling; Seismic stratigraphy; Gulf of Lion; Post-rift subsidence; Messinian salinity crisis; Deep and surface processes.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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