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DNA extractions from deep subseafloor sediments: Novel cryogenic-mill-based procedure and comparison to existing protocols ArchiMer
Alain, Karine; Callac, Nolwenn; Ciobanu, Maria Cristina; Reynaud, Yann; Duthoit, Frederique; Jebbar, Mohamed.
Extracting DNA from deep subsurface sediments is challenging given the complexity of sediments types, low bio-masses, resting structures (spores, cysts) frequently encountered in deep sediments, and the potential presence of enzymatic inhibitors. Promising results for cell lysis efficiency were recently obtained by use of a cryogenic mill (Lipp et al., 2008). These findings encouraged us to devise a DNA extraction protocol using this tool. Thirteen procedures involving a combination of grinding in liquid nitrogen (for various durations and beating rates) with different chemical solutions (phenol, chloroform, SDS, sarkosyl, proteinase, GTC), or with use of DNA recovery kits (MagExtractor (R)) were compared. Effective DNA extraction was evaluated in terms of...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Sediment; DNA extraction; Deep subsurface biosphere.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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