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Drought and Famine Relationships in Sudan: Policy Implications AgEcon
Teklu, Tesfaye; von Braun, Joachim; Zaki, El Sayed.
Sudan experienced severe food shortage and famine during the 1970s and 1980s. For a country known for its vast agricultural resources, this is both unfortunate and ironic. This research report explores the basic factors that contributed to the recurrence of this phenomenon and identifies policies and actions for avoiding famines and achieving sound and sustainable food policies. The study demonstrates the complexity of policy for prevention, which encompasses macroeconomic reform, promotion of agricultural production and technological change, market development, employment promotion, and interventions for health and nutrition. The researchers extensively investigated all theses aspects from primarily field data gathered before and after the 1984-85...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Famine; Sudan; Droughts; Food relief; Government policy; Drought relief; Food Security and Poverty.
Ano: 1991 URL:
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