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3D modelling of seasonal evolution of Loire and Gironde plumes on Biscay Bay continental shelf ArchiMer
Lazure, Pascal; Jegou, Anne-marie.
A 3D model of the Atlantic shelf has been developed and applied to study shelf dynamics and evolution of hydrology. The model takes the combined effects of tide, wind, river discharges and surface heat flux into account. Time scales vary from 1 day to several years. Following a brief description of the model and forcing variables, the behaviour of the Loire and Gironde plumes is described, first for winter and spring, then over a period of several years, under realistic forcing. The results show that plume evolution depends on the high Variability of river runoff and winds. Model simulations performed over 7 years (1990 to 1996) have highlighted several features of these plumes: 1) In early winter and periods of high river runoff, plumes usually spread...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Panache; Modélisation; Dynamique du plateau continental; Golfe de Gascogne; River plume; Modelling; Shelf dynamics; Bay of Biscay.
Ano: 1998 URL:
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