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Effect of Frequency of Fertilisation on Abundance of Rotifers and Protozoa in Flooded Ponds and Simulation Tanks OceanDocs
Kyewalyanga, M.S.; Mwandya, A.W..
Experiments to assess a suitable rate of fertilisation of earthen ponds for production of rotifers and protozoa were conducted in April 2000. Production of rotifers and protozoa (hereinafter collectively referred to as rotifers) was stimulated by flooding the ponds using seawater and rainfall. In the simulations, seawater diluted to 20 ppt salinity activated initial production. In all systems, the fertiliser concentration was approximately 1 ml of chicken manure to 2 litres of seawater. Three different rates of fertilisation were tested. The results clearly showed that the higher the frequency of addition of manure, the higher the production of rotifers per ml. Fertilised ponds had maximum averages of between 64 and 76 rotifers/ml as compared to a maximum...
Tipo: Journal Contribution Palavras-chave: Rotifers; Fertilisation rate; Earthen ponds; Nutrients; Simulatioru.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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