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Dynamic model of the short-term variability of microphytobenthic biomass on temperate intertidal mudflats ArchiMer
Guarini, Jean-marc; Blanchard, Gf; Gros, Philippe; Gouleau, Dominique; Bacher, Cedric.
In the present paper, we list and document the relevant behavioral and physiological processes controlling primary productivity of epipelic microalgae on intertidal mudflats in order to develop a simplified model. We first propose, in an attempt to characterize the 'photosynthetically active biomass' of the epipelic community, a new approach to describe the photic environment at the sediment surface, by substituting a discrete a-layer model in place of continuous vertical light distribution. This concept thus allows us to build a functional representation of the distribution of the photosynthetically active biomass in the sediment and, by then integrating the light and temperature forcing of the latter biomass, to predict the dynamics of the whole epipelic...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Microphytobenthos; Intertidal mudflat; Primary production; Dynamic model; Migratory rhythm; Ecophysiological response.
Ano: 2000 URL:
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