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Agulhas eddy fluxes in a 1/6 degrees Atlantic model ArchiMer
Treguier, Anne-marie; Boebel, O; Barnier, B; Madec, G.
A 1/6degrees resolution primitive equation model of the Atlantic circulation is analyzed in the Agulhas region. The model has a realistic level of eddy kinetic energy, and produces anticyclonic Agulhas rings as well as cyclonic structures. In the model as well as in the data, ring trajectories undergo a transition between a turbulent character in the Cape Basin and a steady propagation in the rest of the South Atlantic. The topography of the Walvis Ridge does not seem to play a part in generating this contrast in the model. The model shows that cyclones are primarily generated from the negative shear vorticity side of the Agulhas Current as it leaves the coast, and they are most of the time paired with anticyclones in dipolar or tripolar structures....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: South Africa; South Atlantic Ocean; Numerical model; Ocean currents; Oceanic eddies; Eddy flux.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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