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Approche de l'état physiologique de l'huître creuse Crassostrea gigas au cours d'un cycle saisonnier à Marennes-Oléron ArchiMer
Moal, Jeanne; Samain, Jean-francois; Bodoy, Alain; Le Coz, Jean-rene.
The energy charge was measured for two Crassostrea gigas populations, during an annual survey at Marennes Oleron, to appreciate the condition of health of these oysters. It is assumed that the actual decrease in production of this area is related to a biomass overload which affects the oysters by lowering their scope for growth. Energy charge, an index developped by ATKINSON (1968), defines the energy equilibrium of organisms. It is the adenylic nucleotide ratio: E.C = (ATP + 1/2ADP)/ATP + ADP + AMP). We have measured this parameter to determine the state of health of these oysters. A methodological study has been conducted previously to define the conditions of sampling, conservation and extraction for a HPLC assay. The HPLC method (high performance...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marennes Oleron; Seasonal variations; Crassostrea gigas; Physiological indice; Nucleotides; Energy charge; Marennes Oléron; Cycle saisonnier; Crassostrea gigas; Indiced physiologique; Nucléotides; Charge énergétique.
Ano: 1987 URL:
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