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Relations milieu-ressources : impact de la conchyliculture sur un environnement lagunaire méditerranéen (Thau) ArchiMer
Deslous-paoli, Jean-marc; Souchu, Philippe; Mazouni, N; Juge, Claude; Dagault, Francoise.
Shellfish farming leaves its mark on the environment in which it has developed, and the men who depend upon it. These changes have altogether balanced the lagoon cycle and have caused disastrous episodic events. Increased water c1arity caused by the uptake of particulate material by shellfish farming allows seagrass to grow in deeper areas of the lagoon (down to five metres). Shellfish farming nutrient transformations increase ecosystem productivity, even if the filtration pressure keeps phytoplankton biomass at a low leveI. Storage of phosphorus and nitrogen in animal tissue limits eutrophication in this ecosystem. Transfer of oysters from growout facilities increases animal and vegetal specific diversity. The presence of large amounts of shellfish allows...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Lagune; Conchyliculture; Biogéochimie; Benthos; Eutrophie; Lagoon; Shellfish farming; Biogeochemistry; Benthos; Eutrophication.
Ano: 1998 URL:
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