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Large-scale evolutionary patterns of host plant associations in the Lepidoptera Naturalis
Menken, S.B.J.; Boomsma, J.J.; Nieukerken, E.J. van.
We characterized evolutionary patterns of host plant use across about 2500 species of British Lepidoptera, using character optimization and independent phylogenetic contrasts among 95 operational taxa, and evaluated the extent to which caterpillars are monophagous, use woody host plants, and feed concealed. We also analyzed the use of different Angiosperm superorders and related these associations to other key variables. The Nepticulidae, Pterophoridae, and Gracillariidae allowed explicit comparisons between the British fauna and the Lepidoptera worldwide, which indicated that our broad categorizations for Britain are accurate predictors for the global fauna. The first (lower glossatan) radiation of the Lepidoptera started with monophagous, internal...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: Comparative analysis; Diet breadth; External feeding; Eurosids I; Phytophagous insects; 42.21; 42.75.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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