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Effet de la qualité de l'eau sur la croissance larvaire de Pecten maximus en écloserie : observations préliminaires ArchiMer
Samain, Jean-francois; Cochard, Jean-claude; Chevolot, Lionel; Daniel, Jean-yves; Jeanthon, C.; Le Coz, Jean-rene; Marty, Y.; Moal, Jeanne; Prieur, D.; Salaun, Michele.
Some positive growth differences can be observed, all year long, in Pecten maximus larvae cultivated in an old fishpond, compared with the water which flows into it periodically. These waters are filtered at 1 µm through CUNO cartridges. Moreover, the larvae are cultivated in the same light, temperature and food (cultured phytoplankton) conditions. This difference is significant in terms of larvae size, dry weight, organic matter, ashes, total proteins, glycogen, and lipids. A series of preliminary observations on the chemical composition of these two waters after filtration (amino acids, fatty acids, organic mater, nutritive salts), on the bacterial flora (total, heterotrophic organisms, vibrio), on the particular material using electron microscopy, on...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Larve; Ecloserie; Pecten maximus; Facteur croissance; Qualité eau.
Ano: 1986 URL:
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