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Energy transfer in the Congo deep-sea fan: from terrestrially-derived organic matter to chemosynthetic food webs ArchiMer
Pruski, A. M.; Decker, Carole; Stetten, E.; Vetion, G.; Martinez, P.; Charlier, K.; Senyarich, C.; Olu, Karine.
Large amounts of recent terrestrial organic matter (OM) from the African continent are delivered to the abyssal plain by turbidity currents and accumulate in the Congo deep-sea fan. In the recent lobe complex, large clusters of vesicomyid bivalves are found all along the active channel in areas of reduced sediment. These soft-sediment communities resemble those fuelled by chemoautotrophy in cold-seep settings. The aim of this study was to elucidate feeding strategies in these macrofaunal assemblages as part of a greater effort to understand the link between the inputs of terrestrially-derived OM and the chemosynthetic habitats. The biochemical composition of the sedimentary OM was first analysed in order to evaluate how nutritious the available particulate...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Congo deep-sea fan; Food webs; Vesicomyid bivalves; Chemoautotrophy; Isotopic signatures; Fatty acid biomarkers.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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