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Assessing the number of moored fishing aggregating devices through aerial surveys: A case study from Guadeloupe ArchiMer
Guyader, Olivier; Robert, Bauer; Reynal, Lionel.
Moored fish aggregating devices (MFADs) are increasingly being used in small-scale tropical fisheries to access pelagic fish species that are otherwise difficult to harvest in large numbers. Little attention has yet been paid to monitoring MFADs in coastal areas, however. This is most likely due to the small-scale nature of most fisheries that utilize them and the presumed lower impact of those fisheries on fish stocks and their ecosystems. In this paper, we examined the abundance and density of MFADs around Guadeloupe, using aerial line transect surveys. Estimated MFAD densities were found to be high compared with previously reported densities in this area, especially within the 22–45 km range offshore. We examine and discuss possible reasons for these...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Small-scale fisheries management; Dolphinfish; Yellowfin tuna; Aerial survey; Fish aggregating devices (FAD).
Ano: 2017 URL:
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