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Correction on school geometry and density: approach based on acoustic image simulation ArchiMer
Diner, Noel.
Models of simulated schools have been used to determine the intrinsic variability in echotraces due to beam pattern effect. This work concerns only morphometric and energetic parameters that can be extracted from echotraces. It appears that dST, the difference between school density and processing threshold is a key parameter, which directly influences the concerned detection angles. Relations, taking into account dST but also, Nbi, the relative school length image compared to the beam width, have been settled for the calculation of length and density corrections. In most cases, corrected values are obtained with errors less than respectively 5% for length and 0.5 dB for density (reverberation index), provided that the Nb-i value is 1.5 or more. When Nb-i...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Banc de poissons; Détection de poissons; Acoustique; Fish schools; Fish detection; Acoustic.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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