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Net fishing and its management in Seychelles OceanDocs
Payet, R.J..
Net fishing is an important component of the artisanal fishery of the Seychelles. It is composed of beach seine, encircling and set gillnets. This report reviews net fishery and its impact on the environment and fish stocks and provides a framework for its management. There are no current management measures for the traditional net fisheries except that all nets above 50 metres requires a license with a lead seal bearing the licence number. Certain irresponsible uses of these nets have ben acknowledged, principally the 'Met outaz' fishing strategy, incidental catch of marine mammals and the presence of commercially important juvenile fish in the beach seine fishery. SFA has addresses these issues rationally and management options are explored followed by...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Net fishing; Fishery management; Seychelles; Fishery regulation; Artisanal fishing; Net fishing; Beach seines.
Ano: 1997 URL:
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