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Interaction between fish and fishing vessels in the Javanese purse seine fishery ArchiMer
Potier, Michel; Petitgas, Pierre; Petit, Didier.
The purse-seiners of the Java Sea use light and fish aggregating devices (FAD) to concentrate and catch small pelagic fish (Decapterus sp., Amblygaster sirm, Sardinella gibbosa). This sets a question about the interaction between fish and fishing vessels. Relevant estimates of fishing mortality and fishing effort require an understanding of this interaction. To gain information on this relationship, acoustic surveys were performed on the fishing grounds and the present paper analyses these data. Using acoustic surveys, the fish density was measured and the number of schools was counted per sea surface unit. The fishing vessels were located by radar. Acoustic data were stratified into two groups, one where fishing vessels were present and the other where...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Pêche; Acoustique; Structures spatiales; Pélagiques; Mer de Java; Indonésie; Fishing operation; Echo surveys; Spatial structure; Pelagic fish; Java Sea; Indonesia.
Ano: 1997 URL:
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