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Ocean currents and gradients of surface layer properties in the vicinity of the Madagascar Ridge (including seamounts) in the South West Indian Ocean ArchiMer
Vianello, Patrick; Ternon, Jean-francois; Demarcq, Herve; Herbette, Steven; Roberts, Michael J..
This work is part of the MADRidge Project special issue which aims to describe pelagic ecosystems in the vicinity of three prominent shallow seamounts in the South West Indian Ocean: one here named MAD-Ridge (240 m below the surface) plus Walters Shoal (18 m) on the Madagascar Ridge, and La Pérouse (60 m) on the abyssal plain east of Madagascar. The three span latitudes 20°S and 33°S, some 1500 km. The study provides the background oceanography for the once-off, multidisciplinary snapshot cruise studies around the seamounts. As life on seamounts is determined by factors such as summit depth, proximity to the light layers of the ocean, and the ambient circulation, a first description of regional spatial-field climatologies (16–22 years) and monthly...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: South West Indian Ocean; Madagascar Ridge; Seamounts; Walters shoal; Sea surface temperature; Eddy kinetic energy; Mixed layer depth; Chlorophyll-a; Geostrophic currents.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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