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Direct assessment of anchovy by the PELGAS04 acoustic survey ArchiMer
Masse, Jacques; Beillois, Pierre; Duhamel, Erwan.
An acoustic survey was carried out in the bay of Biscay from April 27th to May 25th on board the French research vessel Thalassa. The objective of PELGAS04 survey was to study the abundance and distribution of pelagic fish in the Bay of Biscay. The target species were mainly sardine and anchovy but had to be considered in a multi-specific context. The results have to be used during ICES working groups in charge of the assessment of sardine, anchovy, mackerel and horse mackerel and in the frame of the Ifremer fisheries ecology program "resources variability".
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Pelagic; FOREVAR; Bay of Biscay; Anchovy; Acoustic; Survey; ICES; PELGAS; Pélagique; FOREVAR; Golfe Gascogne; Anchois; Acoustique; Campagne océanographique; CIEM; PELGAS.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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