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Biotracers and geotracers of depositional events in NW Mediterranean margin over the past two centuries ArchiMer
Giresse, P; Buscail, R; Charriere, B; Abassi, A; Masque, P; Sanchez-cabeza, Ja.
A detailed sedimentological and geochemical investigation was performed on slope sediments collected from the Gulf of Lions and Catalonian margins and from the northern Balearic margin. The study was based on cores, about 50 cm long. Various physiographic sites (canyons, open slopes) were selected according to the available sediment accumulation rates obtained with the Pb-210 geochronological method. At a short time scale, various parts of the slope were characterized by muddy hemipelagic sediment. Sedimentological data suggested that deposition was continuous. Total organic carbon and its hydrolysable fraction decreased downcore. Significant increase of C/N ratio downcore resulted from an early diagenetic process in response to the burial effect. However...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Méditerranée nord-occidentale; Vitesse de sédimentation; Processus gravitaires; Carbone organique; 210Pb; North-western Mediterranean; Sedimentation rate; Gravity-induced process; Organic carbon; Pb-210.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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