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Intercomparison of Three Open-Source Numerical Flumes for the Surface Dynamics of Steep Focused Wave Groups ArchiMer
Vyzikas, Thomas; Stagonas, Dimitris; Maisondieu, Christophe; Greaves, Deborah.
NewWave-type focused wave groups are commonly used to simulate the design wave for a given sea state. These extreme wave events are challenging to reproduce numerically by the various Numerical Wave Tanks (NWTs), due to the high steepness of the wave group and the occurring wave-wave interactions. For such complex problems, the validation of NWTs against experimental results is vital for confirming the applicability of the models. Intercomparisons among different solvers are also important for selecting the most appropriate model in terms of balancing between accuracy and computational cost. The present study compares three open-source NWTs in OpenFOAM, SWASH and HOS-NWT, with experimental results for limiting breaking focused wave groups. The comparison...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Extreme waves; Focused waves; Dispersion; Harmonic analysis; CFD; OpenFOAM; SWASH; HOS.
Ano: 2021 URL:
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