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What did we learn from PEGASEAS forum “Science and Governance of the Channel Marine Ecosystem”? ArchiMer
Evariste, Emmanuelle; Claquin, Pascal; Robin, Jean-pierre; Auber, Arnaud; Mcquatters-gollop, Abigail; Fletcher, Stephen; Glegg, Gillian; Dauvin, Jean-claude.
As one of the busiest marine ecosystems in the world, the English Channel is subjected to strong pressures due to the human activities occurring within it. Effective governance is required to improve the combined management of different activities and so secure the benefits provided by the Channel ecosystem. In July 2014, a Cross-Channel Forum, entitled “Science and Governance of the Channel Marine Ecosystem”, was held in Caen (France) as part of the INTERREG project “Promoting Effective Governance of the Channel Ecosystem” (PEGASEAS). Here we use outputs from the Forum as a framework for providing Channel-specific advice and recommendations on marine governance themes, including the identification of knowledge gaps, which may form the foundation of future...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: English Channel; Governance; INTERREG programme; Cross-Channel Forum.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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