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Trophic relationships between metazooplankton communities and their plankton food sources in the Iles Eparses (Western Indian Ocean) ArchiMer
Dupuy, Christine; Pagano, Marc; Got, Patrice; Domaizon, Isabelle; Chappuis, Alexis; Marchessaux, Guillaume; Bouvy, Marc.
Coral reef and atoll lagoons are among the most diversified marine ecosystems but also the most affected by the combined effects of climate change and human activities. The Iles Eparses (Scattered Islands) in the Western Indian Ocean have been little affected by human pressure and can be considered to be “pristine” ecosystems. Metazooplankton plays a major role in the functioning and productivity of aquatic ecosystems, and this study was undertaken: (i) to determine the spatial abundance, distribution and species composition of metazooplankton, (ii) to assess the effect of metazooplankton grazing on pico- and nanophytoplankton and (iii) to analyze the trophic positions of metazooplankton by using the stable isotope signatures of a wide variety of taxa and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Metazooplankton; Spatial distribution; Grazing effect; Feeding ecology; Iles Eparses; Mayotte.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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