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Seaward pinching out and internal stratigraphy of the Gironde incised valley on the shelf (Bay of Biscay) ArchiMer
Lericolais, Gilles; Berne, Serge; Fenies, Hugues.
An incised paleovalley offshore the estuary mouth of the Gironde River (Southwest France) was evidenced recently (Comptes Rendus de 1'Academie des Sciences de Paris 326 (1998) 701). Nevertheless its seaward extension to the shelf break was still unknown. New high-resolution geophysical data were acquired on the continental shelf in order to follow the incision until the shelf break. After processing the seismic lines, the shape of the valley was identified and the valley-fill in terms of sequence stratigraphy was interpreted.The valley-fill contains a single sequence corresponding to a fifth-order cycle (20 kyr). The three Systems Tracks described onshore by Alien and Posamentier (Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 63 (1993) 378; SEPM (Society for...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: High resolution seismic data; Estuary; Sequence stratigraphy; Incised valley fill.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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