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Interactions entre comportement et variations de la croissance des juvéniles de la sole (Solea solea) dans les nourriceries des pertuis Charentais ArchiMer
Laffargue, Pascal.
This thesis aimed to identify and analyse processes involved in the functioning of sole Solea solea (L.) nurseries in the Pertuis Charentais, the most important oyster cultivation basin in Europe and a major nursery for the Bay of Biscay sole. Juveniles concentrate in coastal and estuarine habitats, which are essential in the biological cycle of this species but implies (i) adaptation to environmental variability and (ii), accessibility to habitat resources. Assuming that effective nurseries account for what fish must perform in response to habitat constraints, especially in selecting feeding, resting or refuge areas, we used both field works and mesocosm experiments to obtain integrative indicators of the nursery quality (growth rate, Fulton's condition...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Atlantic North East; Shellfish culture; Ingested organic carbon; Feeding; Tri iodothyronine T3; Thyroxine T4; Fulton's K; Growth rate; Flatfish; Essential habitat; Atlantique Nord Est; Conchyliculture; Carbone organique ingéré; Alimentation; Tri iodothyronine T3; Thyroxine T4; K de Fulton; Taux de croissance; Poisson plat; Habitat essentiel.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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