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Middle Pleistocene seismically induced clay diapirism in an intraplate zone, western Brittany, France ArchiMer
Van Vliet-lanoe, Brigitte; Authemayou, Christine; Molliex, Stephane; Field, Michael Hugh; Frechen, Manfred; Le Roy, Pascal; Perrot, Julie; Andrieu-ponel, Valerie; Gregoire, Gwendoline; Hallegouet, Bernard.
The Brittany region of France is located in a low seismicity intraplate zone. Most of the instrumented earthquakes are limited to a shallow crustal depth without surface rupture. A paleoseismological analysis was performed on deposits on the Crozon Peninsula and in the Elorn estuary. We highlight hydroplastic deformations induced by liquefaction leading to clay diapirism, which were likely triggered by past earthquakes. This diapirism seems to be frequent in continental nonconsolidated sediments and to develop on the inherited tectonic structures, when a shallow water table and confining layers exist. Timing of deformation is dated using paleoenvironmental data, and electron spin resonance and infrared-stimulated luminescence dating methods. Two seismic...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Clay diapirism; Liquefaction; Earthquake; Saprolite; Brittany; Variscan structures; Paleoseismology; Intraplate; Middle Pleistocene.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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