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Temporal variability of the meridional overturning circulation at 34.5°S: Results from two pilot boundary arrays in the South Atlantic ArchiMer
Meinen, Christopher S.; Speich, Sabrina; Perez, Renellys C.; Dong, Shenfu; Piola, Alberto R.; Garzoli, Silvia L.; Gladyshev, Sergey; Baringer, Molly; Campos, Edmo J. D..
Data from two boundary arrays deployed along 34.5°S are combined to produce the first continuous in situ time series observations of the basin-wide meridional overturning circulation (MOC) in the South Atlantic. Daily estimates of the MOC between March 2009 and December 2010 range between 3 Sv and 39 Sv (1 Sv = 106 m3 s−1) after a 10 day low-pass filter is applied. Much of the variability in this ∼20 month record occurs at periods shorter than 100 days. Approximately two-thirds of the MOC variability is due to changes in the geostrophic (baroclinic plus barotropic) volume transport, with the remainder associated with the direct wind-forced Ekman transport. When low-pass filtered to match previously published analyses in the North Atlantic, the observed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Meridional overturning circulation; Transport; South Atlantic; Inverted echo sounder; Bottom pressure.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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