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Mapping habitats in a marine reserve showed how a 30-year trophic cascade altered ecosystem structure 5
Leleu, Kevin; Remy-zephir, Brice; Grace, Roger; Costello, Mark J..
Time-series studies have reported trophic cascades in land, freshwater and marine environments in many geographic areas. However, the spatial extent of habitats, a key metric of ecosystem structure, has not been mapped in these studies. Marine reserves can provide experimental, before-after and inside-outside (control-impacted), situations for assessing the impact of fishing on ecosystems. We mapped seabed habitats and their associated communities (biotopes) in New Zealand's oldest marine reserve for comparison with pre-reserve maps created about 30 years previously. Areas grazed bare by sea urchins were entirely replaced in the centre of the reserve by kelp, or alga turf, an intermediate biotope between heavily grazed encrusting algae and lightly grazed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Kelp forest; Ecosystem change; Predator release; Subtidal mapping; Urchin Barren; New Zealand; Lobster; Fish; Time-series.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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