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First report on azaspiracid and yessotoxin groups detection in French shellfish ArchiMer
Amzil, Zouher; Sibat, Manoella; Royer, Florence; Savar, Veronique.
The French Phytoplankton and Phycotoxins monitoring network (REPHY) recently found positive or dubious negative shellfish samples using lipophilic toxins mouse bioassay. These samples were analyzed by liquid chromatography (LC) in combination with mass spectrometry (MS) to detect the following toxins: okadaic acid (OA), dinophysistoxins (DTXs), pectenotoxins (PTXs), azaspiracids (AZAs), yessotoxins (YTXs), spirolides (SPXs) and gymnodimines (GYMs). Over the 2006-2007 period, chemical analyses revealed various lipophilic toxin profiles according to shellfish sampling locations. In addition to OA and/or PTX-2 and their derivatives, several other compounds were found for the first time in France: (1) during the summer of 2006, AZA-1 and AZA-2 in Queen...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: LC MS/MS analyses; Shellfish; Yessotoxin group; Azaspiracid group; Lipophilic toxins.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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