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Water hyacinth: an environmental disaster in the Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria and its control OceanDocs
Ochiel, G.R.S.; Mailu, A.M.; Gitonga, W.; Njoka, S.W..
Water hyacinth has in the recent past had an adverse socio-economic impact on the lakeshore communities of Lake Victoria, particularly in the Winam Gulf. Fishing, lake transport and water supply have been seriously affected by the water hyacinth. KARI’s efforts at mitigating this disaster have so far been in the form of a twopronged management strategy consisting of physical and biological measures. The local administration has been involved in mobilizing the local communities to remove water hyacinth manually at strategic sites. However, there have been a number of constraints, mainly community attitudes to self-help activities. The Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) has developed a prototype mechanical harvester in a KARI-funded...
Tipo: Proceedings Paper Palavras-chave: Winam Gulf; Lake Victoria Environmental conditions Environmental effects Environmental impact Environmental protection Resource management Socioeconomic aspects Environmental impact Environmental conditions Environmental protection Resource management
Ano: 2000 URL:
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