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Mass-transport deposits and fluid venting in a transform margin setting, the eastern Demerara Plateau (French Guiana) ArchiMer
Pattier, France; Loncke, L.; Gaullier, V.; Basile, C.; Maillard, Alexandre; Imbert, Patrice; Roest, Walter; Vendeville, B. C.; Patriat, Martin; Loubrieu, Benoit.
The eastern Demerara Plateau offshore French Guiana was surveyed in 2003 during the GUYAPLAC cruise (multibeam bathymetry and acoustic imagery, 6-channel seismic reflection and 3.5 kHz echo-sounding). The data show the "post-transform" Cenozoic that the series located on the outer part of the plateau (below c. 2000 m) contain at least twelve stacked mass transport deposits (MTDs) that have recorded a history of large-scale slope failure, as well as two main normal fault sets that provide possible pathways for upward fluid migration through the series, reaching at high as the uppermost MTDs. Seabed data show that the area above the failures is characterized by circular-to-elongate (slope-parallel) depressions interpreted as fluid seeps (pockmarks), some of...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Fluid ascent; Pockmarks; MTDs; Transform margin; Demerara Plateau.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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