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Evolution oligo miocène des marges du micro océan Liguro-Provençal ArchiMer
Bache, François.
The Gulf of Lion margin has been created by an Oligo-Aquitanian rifting followed by oceanic accretion in the Provencal basin during the Burdigalian. Two main periods have been detailed in this thesis: • The Messinian event that needs to be differentiated from earlier strata deposition. The event also represents a clear marker (between 7 and 5,3 Ma) within the history of the basin. • The initial period of margin formation, from the beginning of continental extension (35-30 Ma) to oceanisation (around 20 Ma) The database for this study has been built using all available data (seismic and wells from industry) on the shelf, the slope and the deep basin of the Gulf of Lion. The gathering of this huge database occurred in the framework of the French GDRMarges...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Thermal anomaly; Passive Margins; Subsidence; Rifting; Detritism; Erosion; Salinity Crisis; Miocene; Messinian; Mediterranean; Gulf of Lion; Anomalie thermique; Marges passives; Subsidence; Rifting; Détritisme; Érosion; Crise de salinité; Miocène; Messinien; Méditerranée; Golfe du Lion.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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