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Suivi des espèces envahissantes marines à Saint Pierre et Miquelon. Année 2014 ArchiMer
Sellier, Marion; Poitevin, Pierre; Goraguer, Herle; Faure, Jean-marie; Goulletquer, Philippe.
Initiated in 2013, the present work carried out in 2014 extends the monitoring network focusing on marine invasive exotic species in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago. In a global context of coastal ecosystems’ changes, accentuated by direct or indirect effects of human activities, it became essential to implement a monitoring survey and to track the expansion of marine invasive species along Saint-Pierre and Miquelon shoreline. Fukui traps and tunicates collectors deployed on different stations as well as the timely completion of observational dives, have provided the following conclusions: several invasive species were again reported within the local marine ecosystem. Those species, i.e., Carcinus maenas, Caprella mutica, Ciona intestinalis,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marine Invasive species; Saint-Pierre and Miquelon; Aquaculture; Ecosystem; Espèces marines invasives; Saint-Pierre et Miquelon; Aquaculure; Ecosystème.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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