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Light absorbtion and maximum yield of photosynthesis during autumn phytoplankton bloom in the western Black Sea. IBSS Repository
Churilova, T. Ya.; Finenko, Z. Z.; Turgul, S..
In the frame of GEF/UNDP Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project the effect of nutrient availability on phytoplankton light absorption and maximum quantum yield of carbon fixation (фmax) has been investigated. It has been found out that chlorophyll a concentration (Chl a) varied from 0.3 to 10 mg m-3 increasing from deep-water region to shelf waters. At the shallow stations, where upper mixed layer spread deeper the bottom of euphotic zone, the homogenous pigment distribution was observed. In the deep-water region the Chl a profiles showed the presence of a deep Chl a maximum (DCM) below a seasonal density cline. The functional characteristics of phytoplankton showed depth-dependent variation. The phytoplankton from DCM was characterized 20 % lower values of...
Tipo: Journal Contribution Palavras-chave: Chlorophyll a; Phytoplankton; Light absorption; Maximum quantum yield; Nutrients; Хлорофилл a; Фитопланктон; Поглощение света; Максимальный квантовый выход; Биогенные элементы; Хлорофіл а; Фітопланктон; Поглинання світла; Максимальний квантовий вихід; Біогенні елементи.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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