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The influence of bottom currents on the Zambezi Valley morphology (Mozambique Channel, SW Indian Ocean): In situ current observations and hydrodynamic modelling ArchiMer
Miramontes, Elda; Penven, Pierrick; Fierens, Ruth; Droz, Laurence; Toucanne, Samuel; Jorry, Stephan; Jouet, Gwenael; Pastor, Lucie; Silva Jacinto, Ricardo; Gaillot, Arnaud; Giraudeau, Jacques; Raisson, François.
Mixed turbidite-contourite systems can be found in oceans where bottom currents and turbidity currents interact. The Zambezi turbidite system, located in the Mozambique Channel (SW Indian Ocean), is one of the largest sedimentary systems in the world in length and area of the related catchments. The oceanic circulation in the Mozambique Channel is intense and complex, dominated by eddies flowing southwards and deep currents flowing northwards along the Mozambican margin. Current measurements obtained from moorings at 3400–4050 m water depth in the Zambezi and Tsiribihina valleys show periods of intense currents at the seafloor with peaks of 40–50 cm s−1 that last up to one month and are not related to turbidity currents. These strong bottom-current events...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Contourite; Turbidity current; Mixed system; Oceanic circulation; Mooring; ADCP; ROMS model; Bedform.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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