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Long-Term In Situ Survey of Reactive Iron Concentrations at the EMSO-Azores Observatory ArchiMer
Laes-huon, Agathe; Cathalot, Cecile; Legrand, Julien; Tanguy, Virginie; Sarradin, Pierre-marie.
A study of the temporal dynamics of iron concentrations and temperature on a faunal assemblage at the Lucky Strike vent was performed using the Tempo ecological module at the EMSO-Azores deep-sea observatory. The CHEMINI in situ analyzer was implemented on this structure to determine reactive iron concentrations in unfiltered seawater samples along with a temperature probe. Stability tests were performed on the CHEMINI analyzer before deployment (optical module, hyperbaric tests, and deep-sea calibration) for long-term in situ analysis of reactive iron (six months, 2013–2014) at the Tour Eiffel active edifice. Recorded daily, the in situ standard (25 \mu mol.L {}^{-1} ) showed excellent reproducibility (1.07%, n=522 ), confirming satisfactory analytical...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Deep-sea observatory; Hydrothermal vent; In situ chemical analyzer; Iron; Monitoring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MoMAR).
Ano: 2016 URL:
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