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Response of Cenozoic turbidite system to tectonic activity and sea-level change off the Zambezi Delta ArchiMer
Castelino, Jude A.; Reichert, Christian; Jokat, Wilfried.
Submarine fans and turbidite systems are important and sensitive features located offshore from river deltas that archive tectonic events, regional climate, sea level variations and erosional process. Very little is known about the sedimentary structure of the 1800 km long and 400 km wide Mozambique Fan, which is fed by the Zambezi and spreads out into the Mozambique Channel. New multichannel seismic profiles in the Mozambique Basin reveal multiple feeder systems of the upper fan that have been active concurrently or consecutively since Late Cretaceous. We identify two buried, ancient turbidite systems off Mozambique in addition to the previously known Zambezi-Channel system and another hypothesized active system. The oldest part of the upper fan, located...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mozambique Fan; Turbidite systems; Late Cretaceous bottom current; Beira High Channel-levee system; African Uplift; Zambezi River.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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