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Bioeconomic modelling of English Channel fisheries and their technical interactions : presentation of the simulation model BECHAMEL (BioEconomic CHAnnel ModEL) ArchiMer
Ulrich, Clara; Le Gallic, Bertrand; Dunn, Matthew R..
This paper presents the structure and examples of results from a bioeconomic model that stimulates the fisheries of the English Channel. The main purpose of the model is to study the consequences of various management alternatives on the economic situation of UK, French and Belgian fleets fishing in the area, and on exploited resources. Considering the large number of technical interactions, the whole Channel may be regarded as one large multi-country, multi-gear and multi-species fishery. The model describes this feature through the link between three entities : fleets, "métiers", and species caught. The empirical basis of the model is composed of UK, French and Belgian data concerning stocks, fleets and landings, and two economic sample surveys of UK and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bioeconomic modelling; English Channel fisheries; Multi species; Multifleet; Simulation.
Ano: 1999 URL:
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