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Surface functionalization determines behavior of nanoplastic solutions in model aquatic environments ArchiMer
Tallec, Kevin; Blard, Océane; González-fernández, Carmen; Brotons, Guillaume; Berchel, Mathieu; Soudant, Philippe; Huvet, Arnaud; Paul-pont, Ika.
Plastic debris are classified as a function of their size and recently a new class was proposed, the nanoplastics. Nano-sized plastics have a much greater surface area to volume ratio than larger particles, which increases their reactivity in aquatic environment, making them potentially more toxic. Only little information is available about their behavior whereas it crucially influences their toxicity. Here, we used dynamic light scattering (DLS) to explore the influence of environmental factors (fresh- and saltwater, dissolved organic matter) on the behavior (surface charge and aggregation state) of three different nano-polystyrene beads (50 nm), with (i) no surface functionalization (plain), (ii) a carboxylic or (iii) an amine functionalization. Overall,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Nanoplastic; Dynamic light scattering; Behavior; Aggregation; Salinity; Organic matter.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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