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Un nouveau modèle couplé vagues-courant 3D : développement et validation ArchiMer
Bennis, Anne-claire; Ardhuin, Fabrice; Odaka, Tina; Dumas, Franck.
A numerical model coupling the three-dimensional oceanic circulation, thanks to the MARS3D model, and the sea state computed by the WAVEWATCH III model, is developed in order to study the hydrodynamic of the nearshore zone. The main principle of the coupled model based on the coupler PALM and the necessary modifications made for the coupling procedure to both numerical codes are described. First tests in horizontal two-dimension are made and they allowed us to develop a primary version. For three-dimensional flow, we show that the coupled model must solve the quasi-Eulerian velocity. In fact, a coherent analytical form of the wave forcing for the Lagrangian velocity does not exist. This point is illustrated by one example with large errors in comparison...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Modélisation couplée; Circulation côtière; MARS3D; WAVEWATCH III.; Wave-current modeling; Nearshore zone; MARS3D; WAVEWATCH III.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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