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Interannual Variation in the Population Dynamics of Juveniles of the Deep-Sea Crab Chionoecetes tanneri ArchiMer
Chauvet, Pauline; Metaxas, Anna; Matabos, Marjolaine.
Understanding the population dynamics of commercially fished deep-sea species, on seasonal to inter-annual scales, is of great importance in areas where fishing pressure is high. The remoteness of the deep-sea environment constitutes a challenge for monitoring these populations. The few studies that have investigated population structure of deep-sea species, have used trawls, a destructive approach for benthic ecosystems. The development of deep-sea observatories offers a continuous long-term presence on the seafloor. Using imagery from the Ocean Network Canada deep-sea observatory, video footage was acquired on a daily basis and analyzed to describe the population dynamics of the deep-sea crab Chionoecetes tanneri located in depths of 900–1000 m in...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marine imagery; Deep-sea observatory; Ocean Network Canada; Oxygen minimum zone; Tanner crab; Reproduction; Temporal trends; British Columbia.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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