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Wrench-Related Dome Formation and Subsequent Orogenic Syntax Bending in a Hot Orogen (Variscan Ibero-Armorican Arc, the Ouessant Island, France) ArchiMer
Authemayou, Christine; Le Gall, Bernard; Caroff, Martial; Bussien Grosjean, Denise.
During the Carboniferous collision stage, the West European Variscan orogen was affected by oblique convergence, wrenching, plate-scale oroclinal bending, and widespread exhumation of the deep crust. One of these exhumed units forms the Leon dome located on the northern flank of the Ibero-Armorican Arc in the western part of the Armorican massif. Structural field data from the Ouessant Island reveal kinematic changes between 330 and 300 Ma that affected the northwestern margin of the Leon dome. This margin underwent two ductile deformation phases with opposite strike-slip shear senses. Dextral strike-slip wrenching combined with orogen-normal shortening, orogen-parallel stretching, and local top-to-the-NE shearing occurred during the Leon dome formation...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Variscan; Armorican massif; Gneiss dome formation; Wrenching; Orogenic syntax; Ouessant Island.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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