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A modelling study of the thermohaline circulation of the Mediterranean Sea: Water formation and dispersal ArchiMer
Haines, K; Wu, Pl.
A model of the whole Mediterranean sea at 0.25 degrees x 0.25 degrees resolution has been run for ten years with a mean seasonal cycle of forcing using NMC winds and a relaxation to NODC surface temperature and salinity. The winter season water formation and dispersal in the model thermocline has been studied using isopycnal diagnostics and potential vorticity as a water mass tracer. In the eastern basin Levantine Intermediate Water (LIW) is formed in the cyclonic Rhodes gyre and moves west in a continuous mass, accumulating and mixing in the centre of the Northern Ionian. The LIW spreading path is identified both from the high salinity and low potential vorticity values on the 28.8 isopycnal surface. Some LIW then spreads west and south towards Sicily,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: PRIMO-O; Circulation thermohaline; Eau levantine intermédiaire; Formation; Modélisation; PRIMO-O; Thermohaline circulation; Levantine Intermediate Water; Water formation; Modelling.
Ano: 1995 URL:
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