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Hindcast and Near Real-Time Monitoring of Green Macroalgae Blooms in Shallow Coral Reef Lagoons Using Sentinel-2: A New-Caledonia Case Study 5
Brisset, Maele; Van Wynsberge, Simon; Andréfouët, Serge; Payri, Claude; Soulard, Benoit; Bourassin, Emmanuel; Le Gendre, Romain; Coutures, Emmanuel.
Despite the necessary trade-offs between spatial and temporal resolution, remote sensing is an effective approach to monitor macroalgae blooms, understand their origins and anticipate their developments. Monitoring of small tropical lagoons is challenging because they require high resolutions. Since 2017, the Sentinel-2 satellites has provided new perspectives, and the feasibility of monitoring green algae blooms was investigated in this study. In the Poé-Gouaro-Déva lagoon, New Caledonia, recent Ulva blooms are the cause of significant nuisances when beaching. Spectral indices using the blue and green spectral bands were confronted with field observations of algal abundances using images concurrent with fieldwork. Depending on seabed compositions and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ulva; Sentinel-2; Satellite; Remote sensing; Algal bloom; Coral reefs; Pacific lagoons.
Ano: 2021 URL:
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