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Particle assemblage characterization in the Rhone river ROFI ArchiMer
Many, Gael; Bourrin, Francois; Durrieu De Madron, Xavier; Pairaud, Ivane; Gangloff, Aurelien; Doxaran, David; Ody, Anouck; Verney, Romaric; Menniti, Christophe; Le Berre, David; Jacquet, Matthias.
An innovative experiment was carried out in the vicinity of the Rhône River mouth in February 2014. An instrumental package, composed of a CTD, a LISST-100 type B (1.25–250 μm) and a LISST-HOLO (20–2000 μm), was used to characterize the hydrological parameters and suspended particles properties (concentration, size, composition, shape and effective density) in the region of freshwater influence (ROFI) of the Rhône River. Besides, a coastal SLOCUM glider, equipped with a CTD and optical backscattering sensors at several wavelengths, was deployed to detail the spatial description of the hydrological parameters and some particle properties. Large river discharge (annual flood ~ 5000 m3 s− 1) and strong wind conditions favored the dispersal of the river plume...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Gulf of Lions; Rhone River; ROFI; Turbid structures; Particle properties; Glider.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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