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Fractionation of fish protein hydrolysates by ultrafiltration and nanofiltration: impact on peptidic populations 5
Bourseau, Patrick; Vandanjon, Laurent; Jaouen, Pascal; Chaplain-derouiniot, Maryse; Masse, Anthony; Guerard, Fabienne; Chabeaud, Aurélie; Fouchereau-peron, Martine; Le Gal, Yves; Ravallec-ple, Rosenn; Berge, Jean-pascal; Picot, Laurent; Piot, Jean -marie; Batista, Ireneu; Thorkelsson, Gudjon; Delannoy, Charles; Jakobsen, Greta; Johansson, Inger.
The production by enzymatic treatment of fish protein hydrolysates (FPH) is a promising route to add value to fisheries proteinic co-products (fish frames, heads etc.). Indeed, FPH possess good nutritional properties and biological activities for food and feed uses. Pressure-driven membrane separations such as ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) can be used after the hydrolysis to, increase the specific activities of the FPH. This paper discusses the impact of a two-step UF/NF process producing four different fractions on two industrial FPH with different hydrolysis degrees. Fractionation is carried out in "realistic" conditions for an industrial process, on highly concentrated FPH solutions (about 100 g of dry matter/L) at a high volume reduction...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Peptidic profile; Fractionation process; Membrane separation; Nanofiltration; Ultrafiltration; FPH; Fish protein hydrolysate.
Ano: 2009 URL:
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