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Underestimation of chemical contamination in marine fish muscle tissue can be reduced by considering variable wet:dry weight ratios ArchiMer
Cresson, Pierre; Travers-trolet, Morgane; Rouquette, Manuel; Timmerman, Charles-andre; Giraldo, Carolina; Lefebvre, Sebastien; Ernande, Bruno.
Whether considered as a risk for human health or as ecological tracers, contaminants' concentrations measured in fish muscles are commonly expressed relative to wet or dry mass. Comparison of results required conversion factors (CF) but accurate values are scarce and case-specific. The present paper is aimed at investigating errors linked with the use of the theoretical value. Muscles dry and wet masses were measured in 15 fish species to determine the actual CF. Most CF were lower than the theoretical wet:dry ratio of 5 classically used, with variations at individual and species level. Muscle lipid content (inferred by C/N ratios) was a crucial factor explaining discrepancies, claiming for caution when working with lipid-rich species. The observed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Wet:dry ratio; Conversion factor; Contaminant concentration; Marine fish; Percentage of humidity.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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