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Analyse, distribution, production et dégradation d’esters de phtalates (PAEs) en zone côtière méditerranéenne ArchiMer
Paluselli, Andrea.
Phthalic Acid Esters (PAEs) are a group of emerging organic contaminants that have become a serious issue because of their ubiquitous presence on the marine environment worldwide and for the endocrine disrupting effects in animals and humans. However, little is known about their distribution in the Ocean, mainly because of analytical difficulties and the high possibility of ambient sample contamination. Plastic debris in marine environment includes resin pellets, macro- and microplastic fragments, and contains additives such as PAEs that might be released in the aquatic environment in unknown proportion. In our work, we improved an analytical method for the determination of 8 PAEs, at trace levels in marine and fresh waters. In the first part of the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Phtalates; DEHP; Eau de mer; Perturbateurs endocriniens; Microplastiques; Microplastics; Endocrine disruptors; Seawater; Phthalates; Dehp.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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