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Reservoirs: mirrors of the surrounding landscape? IPB - Escola Superior Agrária
Geraldes, Ana Maria; Boavida, Maria José.
To assess in what extent the environmental quality of aquatic systems reflect landscape features several water quality parameters were determined in two reservoirs. Concomitantly, the surrounding landscape was characterized and the existing potential sources of phosphorous and nitrogen runoff were identified and when possible estimated. Located in a mountainous area with negligible direct human influence, it was expected to find lower amounts of suspended organic matter and nutrients in Serra Serrada Reservoir. Water level fluctuations caused by intensive human water use, grazing and frequent land fires in the surrounding landscape can explain the unexpected high values of the mentioned parameters. In Azibo Reservoir the factors with greatest influence on...
Tipo: ConferenceObject Palavras-chave: Landscape; Water quality land use; Phosphorous and Nitrogen sources.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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